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Faculty-Led Trip Proposals



  All Trip Proposals are due April 10, 2023.

Faculty-Led Trip Deadlines

Proposals and feedback should be submitted using the links below.

  Faculty-Led Trip Proposals

>>Download the Faculty-Led Trip Budget Template<<

FLS Requirements

New Trip Proposal


Use this form if your trip is not currently featured in the WU Study Abroad Portal


Trip Proposal Renewal


Use this form if your trip is in the WU Study Abroad Portal, but needs to be updated for an upcoming semester

Incident Reporting


Use this form upon return to report any medical, legal, or health related incidents that occurred during you trip. This includes Widener students, faculty, and staff.


Post-Trip Feedback

Tell us how it went! In addition to meeting with CCGE for the Post-Trip Debrief, trip leaders can use this form to share more about their experience.