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There are short-term and long-term opportunities to study, intern, or learn abroad.
Meet with the Study Abroad Office to get started!

Meeting with your academic advisor
Meet with your academic advisor as soon as you are interested in studying abroad. The earlier you meet with your academic advisor the easier it will be to find a program that will fit your academic needs and requirements. Your advisor will help you decipher when is the best time for you to go abroad and which courses you should take abroad to stay on track for your desired graduation. The more courses you get approved the better. Note that your classes will transfer as a “T” as long as you get a C or better in each course. This means that your courses abroad count towards graduation but will not affect your Widener GPA.

Consider the following when you meet with you academic advisor:
  • What courses do you want to take while you are abroad?
  • What subjects/courses would you have to take to fulfill any academic requirements?
  • Do you want a program that offers internship opportunities?
  • Do you want a program that offers service learning opportunities?  
  • What are your foreign language abilities? Do you want to use those abilities while abroad?
  • Do you want to take classes in English or in your host language or some of both?
  • What year/semester do you prefer to study abroad?
  • How long would you like to study abroad? 

Course Registration
If you plan to take courses at another university, domestic or abroad, you must complete a Transfer Course Authorization form. Select at least 8 courses that you can take abroad and begin this form to be approved by the appropriate dean or department head. The more courses you get approved the better in case you need to make changes to your schedule last minute or while abroad. This form must be completed before going abroad. 
Download the Transfer Course Authorization Form